Monday, December 8, 2008

Tues. 12-9-08 W.O.D.

Tues. 12-9-08 W.O.D.:

NOTICE: I will be out of class Tuesday 12-16-08. I have been called in for jury duty and will return Wednesday 12-17-08. Today is a cardio/core day which everyone is capable of completing without my presence. I expect everyone to come in as usual, sign in, complete the workout and post your time for me. I apologize for this inconvenience and will see everyone on Wednesday 12-17-08.


Warm Up: 2 Rounds

Shoulder Stretches


High Knees

Lateral Lunge Stretch


W.O.D.: As Many Rounds As Possible In 40 min.

1-lap around bldg.

25 sit ups

1- KB carry up/down stairs

25 Mountain Climbers

Run 2-laps around bldg.

25 Burpees


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