Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Temporary CrossFit space for January

Hey CrossFitters,

More toys came in today for Christmas. Lots and lots of bumper plates. 
We now have:

28 -45 lb. bumper plates
2-35 lb. bumper plates
34-25 lb. bumper plates
32-10 lb. bumper plates

Can't wait do some sumo deadlift high pulls, cleans, clean n jerks and push presses with them.
Christmas came early this year. Yeahhhh!

Here's some photos of the smaller temporary unit for Jan. and some of the equipment already in it.
Glute Ham Developer

Dynamax Medballs

Ohhh we LOVE our tires

Squat Racks

Bumper Plates

Sandbags & Medballs

LOTS of Bumpers

OHH YEAH! Kettlebells up to 100 lbs.

Now let's have some FUN!!!

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