Friday, December 5, 2008

Sat. 12-6-08 NO BOOT CAMP TODAY!

Sat. 12-6-08 NO BOOT CAMP


Sorry Boot Campers and CrossFitters. I will be out of town this Saturday. I will be coaching BIG D & George Poole in Melbourne, FL. at the 2008 R.A.W. United Powerlifting Championships. Big D is planning on breaking 4 more World Records, National and State records at this competition. Should be pretty exciting. Wish us luck and we’ll see everyone next week.


Remember just because we’re not having Boot Camp doesn’t mean you have to skip working out all together. It’s been beautiful outside lately. Go out for a run, bike, rollerblade, go to the beach or pool for a swim, play tennis, play a sport with friends or children but most importantly get out and have fun and exercise.


There’s no free passes to getting in shape so get out and start sweating!


  1. BIG D! Rockin' da haus! Get it! WHooop!

  2. I get to post my results now... I of course passed and smoke two of my events! I did 22 push-ups, 92 sit-ups and the 2 mile in 17:16. I was dissapointed in not making my goal in the push-ups but I realized that even though my score was low I did real push-ups and did them right. My sit-up score more than doubled and is a personal best not to mention I was 2nd to score that high in my company. Then I got my share of glory passing a lot of the "boys" on the run! As I passed my LT (again) on the run I gave him hell that he was being beat by two girls. I tried keeping up with a Cadet but she was wicked fast. The majority of them came after the run and congratulated me on being able to kick their a$$ on the run and how they couldn't keep up. :) Definately raised the bar and made my 1SG amazed how much I improved my scores. There were approximately 25 soldiers out there and I had to be somewhere in the top 10 for scores, even with a low push-up score. Total score: 251; P/U = 67 pts, S/U = 100 (Maxed out), Run = 84 pts.

  3. Congrat.'s Sandra. That's AWESOME!! I knew you'd do great. Keep up the hard work. It's paying off.

  4. There are two of us in my company that do Crossfit... so we did a lot of talking about the workouts we do andhave done... it felt really cool to say I know how to do stuff like SDLHPs.