Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fri. 12-19-08 W.O.D. THE MURPH

Fri. 12-19-08 W.O.D.:


Mighty Murph= Run to Buckets + 100 Pull Ups + 200 Push Ups + 300 Squats + Run to Buckets


Mini Murph= Run 3 Laps Around Bldg + 75 Pull Ups + 150 Push Ups + 250 Squats + Run 3 Laps Around Bldg


Micro Murph= Run 2 Laps Around Bldg + 50 Pull Ups + 100 Push Ups + 200 Squats + Run 2 Laps Around Bldg


  1. AHHHHHH! I knew Murph was coming to kick my butt once again! I think I'm going to be sick tomorrow and I am going to celebrate by wearing my Pukie shirt.

  2. Everyone LOVES Murph! The PUKIE shirt is definitely appropriate.

  3. The MuRpH!!! oh for love of Gaawwdddd! hahaha [falls over dead before the workout even starts]

    special note: A lady I used to work with at the clerks office is a cousin to LT Murphy, when he awarded the MoH she was VIP to the ceremonies...very emotional for her. This guy's example of bravery and heroism is one of my personal inspirations as a US soldier. When I first did the "Murph" months back I didn't know it was named after him until I went back later and was looking at the workouts named after fallen soldiers.

  4. Wheres buckets at? Im going full murph, we can break up the pullups/pushups/squats anyway we want right? Ima do cindy style of 20 rounds of 5/10/15.

  5. You can break up the exercises and reps anyway you want as long as you get it done fast. Our best class time was from a fire fighter Matt Stachler 31:00 min.

    This should give you something to work for.

    Have FUN!!

  6. Holy Crap! Matt did Murph in 31 minutes? I can barely walk right now and it took my almost two hours.

  7. I did mine in 58min.. I did a modified Micro; my push-ups were modified, I did the jumping pull-ups on the rings... but I increased my run to do Bucketts instead. I'm smoked though... at least I get off work early today! I felt good on the run even though at first I felt like I had rubber legs. I'm glad I showed up I needed that a$$ kicking, get my mind off of things.