Monday, December 15, 2008

Tues. 12-16-08 W.O.D.

Tues. 12-16-08 W.O.D.: NOTICE: I will be out of class today. I have been called in for jury duty and will return Wednesday. Today is a cardio/core day which everyone is capable of completing without my presence. I expect everyone to come in as usual, sign in, complete the workout and post your time for me. I apologize for this inconvenience and will see everyone on Wednesday.

2-Teams compete for best time

Complete all rounds for best time: ( Remember you’re being timed so this isn’t a slow casual cardio day. The Row and the run are sprints. Finish each of them as fast as possible. Remember to right your time down when you finish. HAVE FUN!!)

Row 200m. + Run 1 lap + Jump Rope 1 min. + KTE’s

Row 500m. + Run 2 lap + Jump Rope 1 min. + KTE’s

Row 800m. + Run 3 lap +  Jump Rope 1 min. + KTE’s