Monday, December 22, 2008

New CrossFit gym photos

Hey CrossFitters,

We're finally moving forward with our new gym. I had over 3000 lbs. of equipment dropped off last week and we've already begun the remodeling process. This past weekend I had the old flooring removed, the front desk removed and the front office removed giving us much more room for all kinds of FUN. 

I also had some of our CrossFitters come in and begin painting some of the gym. I tried helping but I think I just made it worse. I'm definitely NOT a painter. I'll just stick to training. We took some pictures of the new gym at it's beginning phase and we'll continue to take pictures as we continue through the build out process.

Check them out below:
Michele is the brains behind this operation

Back of boulding

Storage closet

Changing room & bathrooms

Nice long room for sprints

My office

I really can't paint! But I like the color.

Doing a great job Ryan!

Mike getting down low.

Can't wait to try out the sprint lanes.

More photos to come as we progress.


  1. Personally, I can't wait for the new place to open. I am pretty fired up about getting rid of all the freaks who stare at us like we are demented (not that we aren't touched.....). Oh yeah, the MUZAK is gonna change! Can I get a HELL YEAH!?!

  2. Stop posting when I do Joe.. copy cat! Gosh! lol I wish I could enjoy the change in musik...

  3. Looks great! Wish I could paint some murals for ya...

  4. Thanks guys. Joe, you know I already got the music covered. I'll bring plenty of soooothing classical elevator style music for everyone to fall asleep to. This is how we get pumped up to train. HaHa!

  5. You're not getting soft on us now are you Jeremy? Classical music? Are you gonna start teaching Yoga now? OOhhhmmmmmmm

    (special note: no offense to yoga... it *is* good for flexibility, stretching and relaxing)

  6. Yeah. You know I'm getting older so I was thinking of changing the name from CrossFit to YogaFit--"Sooothing Fitness 4 Relaxed People". Doesn't that just sound nice?

  7. Well if you offer sooothing cold beer and juicy burgers you know Joe will be on board! ;P