Friday, December 12, 2008

Sat. 12-13-08 W.O.D. BOOT ACMP

Sat. 12-12-08 Boot Camp:


Complete: 4 Rounds: 60 Sec. / Exercise (rest 20 sec. between rounds)

Station #1: Overhead Plate Carry (50 ft. down and back)

Station #2: KB 1-arm Deadlift High Pulls each (2 rounds right arm, 2 rounds left arm)

Station #3: Burpees

Station #4: Wall Ball Shots

Station #5: MB Trunk Rotations Seated


  1. Oh look Joe you missed out on burpees....

    Anyways next Saturday will be my last boot camp... [sniffles]... could I request the truck pull as part of it Jeremy?? Call it a going away present!

  2. I'm sure I can fit it in for you. We'll miss you.