Monday, December 1, 2008

New Facility Notice!!

This is a notice to all CrossFitters making the move to come train with me at my new gym "Evolved Athletics, Inc." in January. I will be leasing a 1500sqft unit next to our new 3038sqft. unit for the month of January. This smaller unit is only temporary for January. This is only a warehouse unit with no frills. Just our CrossFit equipment, a restroom and our kick butt CrossFit training programs. 

Being in this unit will keep me onsite while our build out is taking place on the bigger facility. This will help me keep an eye on the project as well as be available for equipment deliveries. Our 3038sqft. facility will be ready Feb. 1st for us to move into.

Remember: January is only $99.00. 

Please be patient with me for the next 60 days. This will be worth the wait. New equipment, new trainers to assist me, more programs and more hours soon to come.

Thank you for your patience, loyalty, commitment and support,

 Jeremy Barnett


  1. Are the new trainers any nicer than you? The chances of them being better looking is already pretty high!

  2. Of course not. Better looking than me. Come on. You know I'm HOT!