Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fri. 12-5-08 W.O.D.:

Fri. 12-5-08 W.O.D.:

Warm Up: 2 Rounds

Shoulder Stretches


High Knees

Samson Stretch

Lateral Lunge Stretch


W.O.D.: 4 Rounds

10-KB Single Arm Bent Over Rows

25-Leg Raises

10-KB Single Arm Floor Presses

25-Sit Ups

10-Rings Rows

25-Mountain Climbers each leg

10-Push Ups


Sorry Boot Campers and CrossFitters. I will be out of town this Saturday. I will be coaching BIG D & George Poole in Melbourne, FL. at the 2008 R.A.W. United Powerlifting Championships. Big D is planning on breaking 4 more World Records, National and State records at this competition. Should be pretty exciting. Wish us luck and we’ll see everyone next week.


Remember just because we’re not having Boot Camp doesn’t mean you have to skip working out all together. It’s been beautiful outside lately. Go out for a run, bike, rollerblade, go to the beach or pool for a swim, play tennis, play a sport with friends or children but most importantly get out and have fun and exercise.


There’s no free passes to getting in shape so get out and start sweating!


  1. Wish me luck! Saturday is my record PT test... I hope to smoke it by taking at least 80% in each event.

    Those not familiar with the test. It is broken down by gender and age group. (Link below) For myself, I would need to make 60%, which is the minimum, in each event to pass. That is 19 pushups in 2min, 50 situps in 2 mins and a 19:36 two mile run. For my goal of 80% I would need 32 p/u, 65 s/u and a 17:36 two mile.


  2. Good luck to you Sandra! And good luck to Big D and George as well. I look forward to hearing about all of the glory!