Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mon. 11-3-08 W.O.D:

Mon. 11-3-08 W.O.D.:

Warm-Up: 2 Rounds

Shoulder Stretches

Band Rows

Band Presses

Lateral Lunge Stretched

W.O.D.: 10 Rounds Best Time

10 Push ups

10 Sit ups

10 Squats

10 Pull Ups

Just one more push up Russ!


  1. Just another work out that has brought Russ to his knees! Never happened to me. HA!

  2. He's soooo comfortable there.

    Joe, you usually just puke before you get to that point. Haha!

  3. LOL! Yeah Joe you better kick it up a notch now... no more slacking off old man. I start CF this week remember!

  4. That puking is just part of my diet plan.

    Sandra, you need to catch up before you start talking to me like that. No more slacking for you!

  5. Thanks Sandra. He's a little power house.

  6. Nonesense Joe, I wasn't slacking.. I was just letting you get a headstart haha. Plus this is all your fault because you were the one who got me started with CF.