Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Name-BIG Changes

Hey CrossFitters,

I have recently taken on a business partner and we have started our own athletic company called Evolved Athletics, Inc. CrossFit Thoroughbreds will be a training program within Evolved Athletics, Inc. We are in the process of negotiating a lease agreement for a 3028 sqft. facility located at 16120 San Carlos Blvd. Unit 4 Ft. Myers, Fl. 33908. The location is 1 block south of the new Target Shopping Plaza on McGregor heading toward the beach. We are working hard to be open between Jan. 1st or at the latest Feb. 1st 2009. New programs and new lower prices are coming. I will keep everyone posted on the progress of the new facility.

We will be purchasing new equipment to add to our existing equipment list. 

New equipment list below:
(5)-    FW-163Texas Power Meet rack with Band Attachment
(1)-    Set of Plyoboxes
(6)-    10lb Dynamax Medballs
(6)-    14lb Dynamax Medballs
(6)-    20lb Dynamax Medballs
(2)-    Power Sleds with Quick Release Harness
(7)-    FW 150 Prostyle Adj. Benches
(1)-    FW-58A 3 Tier DB Rack

Colored Bumper Plates:
(12)-   Red 45's pair
(12)-   Yellow 25's pair
(12)-   Green 10's pair

Lifting Bands
(8)-     Yellow Low Bands
(8)-     Purple Medium Bands
(8)-     Teal Heavy Bands
(8)-     Red Extra Heavy Bands

(1)-     Deadlift Bar Jack
(10)-  Texas Power Bars Black Oxide
(1)-    Competition Deadlift Bar
(1)-    Competition Squat Bar

Lifting Chains:
(3 pair)-  25lb Chains
(3 pair)-  40lb Chains
(3 pair)-  50lb. Chains

3/8 Rubber Floors with 2-sprint lanes

(6)-  9' Jump Ropes
(6)- 10' Jump Ropes

(2)- Concept 2 Rowers
(6)-Pull-Up Bars with Gymnastic Rings Attachments

Dumbbells from 5lb.-130lbs. plus racks
Metal Plates-4000 lbs.
Competition Calibrated Plates-2000 lbs.
(2) sets of Kettlebells from 5lbs. - 75lbs. plus racks
(1)-Competition combo squat/bench rack
(7)- Adjustable Benches 
Facility will have 2-Bathrooms and 2-Showers

As we grow more class hours will be added as well as new training programs. 

I'm excited about this new move and hope you will be to.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at or see me in the gym.


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