Friday, November 28, 2008

CrossFit is leaving The Training Ground-PLEASE READ!!!

Hey CrossFitters,                                                                                             11-28-2008


As many of you already know I am opening my own gym very soon. Actually January 1st, 2009. It will be uner the name of Evolved Athletics, Inc. My current contract with The Training Ground will be terminated as of 1-1-2009. Today I submitted my 30 day notice of termination to The Training Ground.


If you have considered continuing to train with me “CrossFit Thoroughbreds” you will need to provide a 30 day notice of cancellation to The Training Ground by 12-1-2008. The Training Ground will charge you for December’s payment regardless. I will honor and provide my service to you through 12-31-2008 at The Training Ground. For those of you that will be charged on 12-25-2008 I will still honor your payment and provide my services to you at my new location: 16120 San Carlos Blvd. unit 4, Ft. Myers, Fl. 33908 at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you. Those members paying The Training Ground on 12-25-2008 will not be due to pay for services until 1-25-2009. All future payments will be made payable to: Evolved Athletics, Inc. as of 1-1-2009 for CrossFit and any and all training services provide by Evolved Athletics, Inc.


Below is a copy of my termination letter to The Training Ground for your review. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact me at: 239-851-3940 or at


I thank you for your loyalty, commitment, support and patience in this transitional period. I look forward to seeing you soon in our new home.


Thank you,

Jeremy Barnett



I, Jeremy Barnett will be terminating my sub-contractor’s agreement with the The Training Ground and am hereby providing the appropriate 30 day notice of termination to the sub-contractor’s agreement. Termination of said contract will commence on 12-1-2008 and end on 1-1-2009 at 11:59 pm.  As stated in the Facilities Use and Service Agreement Jeremy Barnett will collect his final (2) sub contractor’s paychecks- one on 12-5-2008 and the second and final paycheck on 12-24-2008 (due to the Christmas holiday) for services rendered from 11-25-2008 – 12-25-2008.


Jeremy Barnett shall vacate and remove all CrossFit equipment from The Training Ground premises by 1-1-2009 11:59 pm. 


For CrossFit clients charged on 12-25-2008 through The Training Ground, Jeremy Barnett will honor his services by providing Crossfit classes to these members at his new location: 16120 San Carlos Blvd. Unit 4, Ft. Myers, Fl. 33908 at no additional cost to the member. The Training Ground will collect all money due for the 12-25-2008 pay period for CrossFit members as their last and final payment. The Training Ground will retain 100% of said money collected for the above mentioned date of 12-25-2008. Jeremy Barnett will collect 0% for this pay period of 12-25-2008 and offer his Crossfit services to these paid members for the period of 12-25-2008 – 1-25-2009 at no additional cost to said members at the above mentioned and underlined location.

P.S. Brand New BIG D Powerlifting T-Shirts are in and ready to purchase. T-Shirts will be available 11-29-08 at the CrossFit Boot Camp at 9:00am. Please see Jeremy Barnett to purchase your t-shirt. T-Shirts are $20.00 cash or check-checks made payable to Jeremy Barnett (S, M, L & XL available)


  1. I'm happy for you Jeremy.. hope all goes well with the move to a new location. I will have to come visit later when I get chance as I won't be able to check the new place out before I leave for GA.

    I want a t-shirt too... :)

  2. I'll have the Big D t-shirts in the gym for sale this week. $20.00/shirt