Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fri. 11-6-08 W.O.D.:

Fri. 11-6-08 W.O.D.:


Warm Up: 2 Rounds

Shoulder Stretches


Band Rows

Squat Jumps


W.O.D.: 42-30-18 

Box Jumps

GHD Sit Up or Straight Leg Sit Ups

Back Extensions


Pull Ups or Ring Rows

MB Chest Passes against wall

Keep on smiling. You know you LOVE IT!

Come on say it. Yeaaaaaahhhh Burpees!!!

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  1. Yay Burpees! Okay not really I don't *like* them. But since I am here I want to share a little story. Hahaha. Burpees reminded me of any "exercise" I had to do in the Army but for the longest time I couldn't place what it was that I kept thinking about; until now. The "exercise" I was thinking about was called "Front, back, go's" and anyone who has a military background probably knows what that is. For those who don't- you can be thankful, Burpees can take the place! LOL But the reason why I am sharing this is because "front, back, go's" was something that I had to "demonstrate" to my whole platoon in basic training. The reason why I had to was because for a split second I fell asleep in a class long enough for a drill sergeant to notice. And boy did he notice! He "taught" me the exercise and then made me do it in front of everyone. Then the drill sergeant made it part of "smoking" regime. Not one of my finer moments in life but I think of it and laugh about that experience now everytime I do burpees.