Thursday, November 6, 2008

Darians results are in!

Hey CrossFitters,

Here it is. It's finally OFFICIAL. 
The final results of Darians Oct. 25th Powerlifting meet.

APA Tony Conyers Extravaganza
OCTOBER 25,2008
Tampa, Florida       
Name= Darian Barnett    
Age= 15      
Weight= 182      
Weight Class= 198     
Division= Teen     
Gear= RAW  
Contest= PL  
Squat= 340!*$   
Bench= 250!*$   
Deadlift= 415!*$     
Total= 1005!*$  
NOTES= 1st Place

! = Florida Record
* = American Record
$= World Record
RAW=Unequipped.-no lifting gear
PL=Full powerlifting meet

Thanks to JC Perez and the Pitbull Gym staff for putting this meet on and working so hard to caterto the lifters. As you can see from the meet results we had many lifter breaking records. Great plaques  were given out as awards. The meet ran in a efficient manner and was well worth the trip for many lifters to Pitbull. Thanks to our judges Tom O Donnell, Andrew and Molly.


  1. Congrats! Glad I could witness history in the making. :)

  2. Thanks. We're ready to do it again in Dec. More records to be broken.