Monday, November 24, 2008

Tues. 11-25-08 W.O.D.:

Tues. 11-25-08 W.O.D.:


Only 8am & 9am classes on 11-28-08!!

Only 10-People per class and attendees must RSVP to save a spot!!


Warm Up:

High Knees


Lateral Lunge Stretch

Lateral Shuffles

Lateral Plank Walks

Mountain Climbers

Jumping Jacks


W.O.D.: 4-Rounds

10-Each Leg Overhead Lunges Front

25-Sit Ups Weighted

10-Each Leg Overhead Reverse Lunges

25-Each Side trunk Rotations

10-Each Leg Lateral Lunges



  1. That's not possible without drugs... Is it?

  2. Yes it is possible without drugs. With a very strict diet, hard work, consistency and commitment a women can achieve this naturally without drugs.

  3. I want those abs, but without the hard work, diet and all that other junk you keep mumbling about. I'll compromise if she would just come over and hang out with me for awhile. Oh yeah, don't tell my wife.

  4. If my wife had abs like that I'd make her eat a sandwich, ice cream and some cookies for good measure.
    That does nothing for me, personally.

  5. I'm telling Julie you said that Joe... oh wait nevermind she'd probably just laugh and roll her eyes at you. LOL Your comment (and all the others like it) remind me of that song by Gym Class Heroes called Cookie Jar... hahahahaha

  6. Wow Anon, it seems as if you are a little angry. What if your lady "wanted" to look like this lady? Would you make her change to suit your needs? Sounds a little selfish to me.

    If my wife had abs like that, and had put so much time, energy and effort into getting there, I would praise the ground she walks on. Oh, I do that anyway regardless of what she looks like.

    Give it a break. My guess is that you don't work that hard either. No big deal really, as long as you don't try to bring other people down with you.

    BTW, to all you ladies out there reading this, I think you are hot if you think you are hot!

  7. Easy Joe, you know nothing about me.

    I'd be concerned about my wifes health if she were to want to or actually were to achieve that level of bodyfat.

    I'll refrain from any assumptions about you or your work ethic.

  8. WOW guys! Take it easy. No need to get heated. It was only a picture. Some like it and some don't. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. No need to get nasty.

    "Can't we all just get along?"

  9. True Anon, I don't know anything about you. You could be a nutritionist or specialist in female health. But I doubt it and these words that you posted led me to my assumptions: "If my wife had abs like that I'd make her eat a sandwich, ice cream and some cookies for good measure. "

    Maybe I'm wrong, wouldn't be the first time. I do stand by my assumption of work though. If you did work as hard as the lady in the picture, in both diet and conditioning, you would most likely see the same type of results. I know the gains that I have seen and I surely don't work at it as hard as she does (maybe she is genetically superior).

    See you in the gym?

  10. I'm okay Jeremy. I didn't think I was "heated". I haven't pulled out an "F" bomb yet!

  11. Jeremy I liked the pic.. but not in "I like looking at chicks kind of way" either...

    As a chick though I would like to look like that. But not because that's what I see in magazines and think is what I should look like or because I feel that is what would get me noticed or make me look hot. For me it would mean that I was in really great shape. For what I do in the military there realy isn't a lot of emphasis on physical well-being as you might think. It's always been about what's good enough to get by to pass the PT test. I like Crossfit and the way you set up your workouts sessions in the hope that someday I can get to the point to where when I am needed I can be counted on as a soldier to not only be able to do the right thing but that I can do it physically. Whether that be able to move my ass to take cover after being assaulted by enemy fire or fireman carrying a fellow soldier to safety because they are injured. That doesn't get covered in the physical training excerises I used to do on active duty. And for the national guard we play ultimate frisbee as the idea for physical training. Just some thoughts about how I want the workouts work for me and how pictures like that motivate me.

    Oh yeah and then there is also the fact that Joe is teaching me how to fight with a rattan stick in medieval combat... but I think you warned him about the consequences of that hahaha

  12. Thanks Sandra. I'm glad to hear that CrossFit is working for you. It's nice to know that I and CrossFit are appreciated and that my training programs are helpful.

    You've been doing an amazing job in class. Keep up the hard work. It's paying off!

  13. Well, I am not going to get all excited just yet... I have 10 more days until the big day, the PT test. :) And trying to not go overboard during the Thanksgiving holiday will be challenging to say the least.