Friday, October 17, 2008

Kyle Maynard--NO EXCUSES!

Kyle Maynard-NO EXCUSES!!

Kyle Maynard has no arms and no legs yet he never comes up with excuses why he can't or shouldn't exercise. If he can find a way to make it happen so can you. By the way he is a competitive wrestling champion, competes in mixed martial arts, competes in powerlifting and is now an avid CrossFitter.

Drop the excuses and get to work!


  1. If this story doesn't inspire one to quit making excuses then nothing will. Way to go Kyle!

  2. Wow! What a great way to inspire. Obviously, none of us have a thing to complain about. Couldn't help but wonder, however, how he smoked and took notes....

    See you at boot camp!

  3. Yeah. This guy is amazing. I know I can never complain or come up with a lame excuse again. If he can make it happen, stay positive, motivated and never give up then we all need to stop all the B.S. excuses, step and get to work.

    So get off the computer and get busy. Can't get fit sitting on your BUTT!