Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mon. 10-6-08 W.O.D.:

Mon. 10-6-08 W.O.D.: 

Deadlift: (Rest 1-2 min. between sets)

1x10,    1x8,    2x5,    2x3


W.O.D.: Complete 3 Rounds / exercise before moving to next exercise.

60 Sec. per exercise with 20 sec. rest between rounds. 1 min. rest between stations.


Pull Ups on Rings:


Kettlebell Swings:


Kettlebell Plank Rows:


Glute/Ham Developer Hyperextensions


Sinlge Arm Touch Downs

CrossFit Camp Pendleton

CrossFit prepares them to protect our country


  1. Semper Fi! I hope I can keep up with my training when I am deployed... I shouldn't have a problem as my 1SG *loves* PT... but dang it'll be friggen hot there!

  2. I'm sure they'll keep you busy. Good luck.