Sunday, October 26, 2008

Darian Barnett APA World Record Holder

Tony Conyers 2008 Extravagnza 
Powerlifting Meet 

Darian Barnett competed in his first APA sanctioned Powerlifting meet hosted by Tony Conyers at the Tony Conyers 2nd Annual Extravaganza 2008 Powerlifting Meet in Tampa Fl. 10-26-08.

He competed in the 14-15 year old age group and the 198 lb. weight class. His competion weight that day was 182 lbs.

Darian broke 4-World Records and took 1st Place in his age and weight class.

World Record Lifts:
Squat= 340 lbs.
Bench Press= 250 lbs.
Deadlift= 415 lbs.
Total= 1005 lbs.

BIG D Squating

BIG D can Deadlift

BIG D Got Bench

I'm BIGGER than YOU!

What Up YO!

That all the weight you got?

Jessica (Mom) Darian (BIG D), 
Jeremy (Dad-Coach)

Steve (Grandpa), Regina (Grandma),
Jeremy (Dad-Coach), Darian (BIG D)


  1. BIG D IN DA HOUSE! Way to get down to business Darien. I'm really happy for you and I believe this is just the beginning for you if you want it! Represent!

  2. Thanks. I really am proud of him. He's worked his butt off for this for 3 years now and definitely deserves it.

  3. All I gotta say Darian is awesome job Darian! You really did rock the house. It was pretty awesome to sit and watch you light up the charts with "green" just smoking the competition. I've never seen a powerlifting event before and was glad I could make it out to see ya represent!

  4. Thanks for coming out with us Saturday. I'm glad you able to join us and we appreciate your support.