Wednesday, October 8, 2008

FREE Sports Nutritional Seminar

Join Certified Sports Nutritionist, Mary McCormack, RD, for an informative discussion on eating to fuel your active lifestyle, Sponsored by Wayne M. Burr, MD, Concierge Medicine, Mary will give you information on maximizing your workouts and the results that you want from them, fueling your workouts and other athletic endeavors, and how to best meet nutritional needs for your active lifestyle. Mary has a lot of practical tips and will allow plenty of time for questions and discussion. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an expert!

What you'll learn:

  • Choosing the best fuel
  • What kind of carbs to choose
  • How much protein
  • How to increase energy
  • Important nutrients
  • Balancing your diet
  • Sports Drinks & Hydrating

When: Thurs October 16th, 6:45 PM

Where: The Training Ground

Cost: Your Time


Please register via email or at the front desk.

13211 McGregor Blvd
Ft. Myers, FL 33919

Here's a little something extra for you.

(from crossfithardcore - Boca)   Courtesy of our friends at CrossFit Harbor City 

Our clients get it. These people don't. As compiled from the message boards. (with rebuttals)
• “It's too hard” (Is anything worthwhile EASY?)
• "I don't have the time" (Huh? In the time it takes you to finish this you could have done 50 squats)
• "I want to get in shape before starting a program like that." (Obviously lame, how do you propose to get started?)
• "Dude, that workout would kill me." (Being fat and sick won’t?)
• "I'm sure I'd lose size if I did that." (What size, Arnold?)
• “It costs too much” ( The workouts are FREE, Great coaching is what you pay for)
• "It's too intense for me." (Yep. Probably is. That’s the POINT)
• "Lifting that much weight is unsafe." (So is sex and skydiving)
• "You have to be very careful doing dead lifts and squatting that low" (No, you should be CAPABLE, not careful)
• "You'll throw up if you go that hard, that fast." (Maybe, but probably not, and if you do, SO WHAT?)
• "I can't do 100 PULLUPS” (All at once? neither can we) 
• "looks like a fad" (So did the internet)
• "I heard that stuff was dangerous" (you HEARD that? From who?)
• "I don't want/need to be stronger, I just want to be healthy by running and going to spin class" (You DO want and NEED to be stronger - running and spinning do the opposite)
• "I need to quit smoking first." (You’re right!)



  1. [snip] "Dude, that workout would kill me."

    HAHAHAHA! That was pretty much what I told Joe when I looked at the workout for my first Boot Camp! "I can't push a truck ?!?! Are you insane!!"

    He said I was a sissy and a quitter... so naturally I had to prove him wrong. Well, that and the fact he wouldn't let me forget it at all if I didn't go! I wasn't left with much choice lol!!


  2. You forgot to mention the "other" motivational tool that I used! I knew you could do it and I know there are people using the same lame excuses. It is a choice that we have to make to be healthy. I'm happy with my choice.

  3. what? you pushing me to the ground? just kidding...! I'm glad you convinced me to go with your reverse psychology tactics! lol I can't wait to start doing CF more.... I wanna make all the boys in my unit look bad!