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Fri. 10-17-08 W.O.D.:

Fri. 10-17-08 W.O.D.:


Warm up: 2 Rounds 60 sec./exercise

Push Ups, Band Pulls, B.W. Squats, Lat. Lunge Stretches, Jumping Jack Squats


W.O.D.: Start with the Bench Press then move immediately to the Deadlift. Rest 1-2 min. then repeat next set of repetitions. Continue this pattern until you’ve reached your 1 rep max for each exercise.


Bench Press: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

Deadlift: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

Amanda Harris's 2006 Powerlifting Accomplishments:

And she's only 15 years old.

1. APF State Champion (best Lifter)
2. AAPF National Champion
3. APF Sr. National Champion (youngest winner ever of this meet)
4. WPC World Champion
5. WPC World Bench Press Champion (best lifter)
6. WPA World Bench Press Champion (best lifter)
7. AAU International Push-Pull Champion
8. AAU World Champion
9. USPF State Champion (best lifter)
10. IPA Teen World Champion (best lifter)
11. IPA Women's World Champion (best Lifter, youngest winner ever of this meet)
12 WABDL National Champion
13. APA National Champion
14 guest lifer of the 2006 Arnold Sports Festival the WPO!!
15. Possible WABDL World Champion on November 18th.

There were 10 other smaller meets not listed.

Amanda has already won 6 World Championships this year making her the first                                               athlete in the sport of powerlifting male or female of any age to accomplish this feat.                                               The WABDL Worlds will make number 7.

Although Amanda has accomplished more in one year than most powerlifting                                                           world champions have achieved in a lifetime she still has her entire career ahead of her.

In fact I could very well be talking to a future LEGEND and one of the most prestigious                                            athlete and powerlifters that this world has ever seen! So without any further ado, I bring                                        to you the Michael Jordan of powerlifting and perhaps the World's most famous                                              model-athlete ever, AMANDA HARRIS.

1 Q;) Critical Bench: Amanda, welcome to Critical Bench! It's an honor to talk                                                 to you today. Amanda, were you always strong? At what point during your life                                                 did you first realize that you were super strong and what got you into powerlifting?

A ; I was not always Strong,but was always very active and competitive.                                                                 I have an older bother, Beau, Who was a power-lifter. I used to watch Beau and                                                     our Dad lift weights in our garage gym. When they were competing I was at every                                                 meet and dreamed of being able to compete. I know if Beau could win meets                                                         so could I. My Dad and mom never spanked us but we did do push-ups or leg                                                      lifts as punishment. The punishment turned to competition. Beau and I would always                                               try to out do each other. Now I realize how this contributed to building my strength.                                                   For my 8th birthday my wish was to get my own bar and to start lifting. My Dad gave me                                           a Jr. bar, it weighed 15lbs. I don't ever think about myself being "super strong".                                                    I've always believed in myself. I guess I am stronger than most girls my                                                                 age or boys because I have always exercised even when I was very young.

2 Q;) Critical Bench: (Attention parents and big brothers around the world                                                      reading this interview make your kids and younger siblings perform push                                                  ups while discipling them!) That's great advice! Anyways, Amanda how                                                    does it feel to not only be the strongest female in the world for your age                                                      but not have anyone on your tail? Some top athletes feel alone at the top!                                                    Do you feel lonely at the top? Do you feel amazed being at the top?                                                          What is it like being at the top?

A; When I go to a meet I enjoy meeting the other competitors. I'm not lonely because                                               I have met many great people in this sport. I go to the meet to beat the records,                                                       I look at the #'s. A lot of the time I'm just looking to beat my records that I have set                                                 for myself. It is all very exciting. I don't just compete with my age group anymore I                                                  also compete with the open class women and usually win that too. I have even won                                               two of the biggest women's shows this year with the APF Sr. Nationals and the                                                     IPA World Championships

3 Q;) Critical Bench: Amanda you are light years beyond the rest of                                                               the powerlifting competition for your age. Give us your squat routine,                                                           Bench press routine, and deadlift routine.

A; Well this year training for meets has been tough. I have competed                                                                    25 times this year so I have been using the meets as my training. Under normal                                                       conditions I use the CAT method of training using lighter weights in the beginning                                                   of a cycle like 50% of my I-RM for 6-9 sets w/ 3reps and at the end of my cycle I train                                           up to 80- 90% of my l rep max for 6-9 sets of single reps. After each training session I                                           do static holds of 100-125% of my I rep max. I train each lift the same way I squat on                                         Monday bench of Tuesday and dead-lift every other Thursday. I also see a chiropractor                                         twice a week too, this helps keep my back straight.

4 Q;) Critical Bench: Very useful information! I think we can benefit from your advice.                                 Amanda, tell us about your experiences at the Arnold in Ohio? What was it like?                                           What were the highlights for you?

A; The Arnold classic in Ohio was exciting. It was one of the biggest experiences                                                   of my life. When you are up there lifting on stage in front of over 5,000 people that                                                     are chanting your name you feel like a rock star. Some of the highlights were meeting                                             lifters from all over the world and a lot of the older lifters I have respected and admired.                                             The biggest highlight was meeting Mr. Jim Lorimer, who invited me and has already invited                                       me back for next year and having my picture taken with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even now                                      I get recognized from being at the Arnold.

5 Q;) Critical Bench: Oh I know it! You already are a household name                                                             to pro powerlifting champions, top notch fitness models and other women.                                                   You are 15 years young and you are loaded with fans! What's next for you?                                                What are your future goals?

A; To continue with power-lifting. My biggest goal is to be as known in sports modeling                                          as I am in power-lifting. I want to get the word out to inspire boys and girls my age                                                   that anything they put their mind at they can accomplish as I have in my power-lifting.

6 Q;) Critical Bench: What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

A; I enjoy hanging out with my friends either at the mall or the movies. I like having                                                   sleepovers and just being plain crazy with my girl friends. I love to dance too.

7 Q;) Critical Bench: Amanda, what is your advice for other females who                                                     might be interested in getting involved in fitness training and powerlifting?

A; My advice is to have good coach or at least someone knowledgeable in fitness,                                               training you. Don't be scared to lift weights. Girls would be very pleased to see how                                                 they look and feel after weight training. It is a myth that lifting weights makes you big.                                             It is important to have confidence and believe in yourself.

8 Q;) Critical Bench: Exactly.                                                                                                                       What would you like to tell your fans who love you so much?

A; I tell everyone that In life we are not born winners or losers.                                                                            We are born choosers. I have chosen to be a winner. What will you choose?                                                           I would thank everyone for their support and faith in me.

9 Q;) Critical Bench: Good advice. However, people need to learn how                                                            to love powerlifting first. Tell me what exactly is it about powerlifting                                                          that you love so much?

A; I love power-lifting because of the way it has made me look and feel physically.                                              Power-lifting has given me more confidence to excel in other things I want to do in life.                                            I like that I still look feminine but strong. I am also very competitive and I love to win                                             at everything I do. Power-lifting gives me satisfaction of knowing I am one of the best.

10 Q;) Critical Bench: Amanda you are the best and best wishes to you being                                                  the best as you continue your journey through powerlifting, modeling and life.                                             In closing is there anyone who you would like to thank?

A; I thank my parents for being there and being supportive and especially my                                                      Dad for being my coach. Big thanks to John Inzer ( Inzer Advanced Designs)                                                     and Dr. Ed Group (Global Healing Center), my 2 biggest sponsors. I am grateful                                                    for all my friends and fans that always send their love. In closing I thank you for giving                                         me the opportunity to do this interview.

Critical Bench: It has been an honor stepping into the mind of one of the most                                            athletic and impressive female athletes in the world. Amanda's interview can inspire                                    us all to be as strong as we can be.

Barbie Barbell - Amanda Harris


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