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Train Like A Kid Again

Train Like a Kid Again
By Jeremy Barnett, CrossFit Level 1 Coach

“I bet I can do more than you”, “wanna race?” and “first one with 10 point’s wins”. Do you remember phrases like these from your childhood? These were phrases we used as kids to compete with each other. We exercised by riding bikes, running and playing various sports for FUN. As children we exhibited joy and excitement about performing well, competing, challenging ourselves and our friends through physical activities.

Of course, now as adults we don’t have the carefree lifestyle we once had as children. Our lives are full of stresses and responsibilities. Now with this “adult lifestyle” we have put physical activities on the back burner. For those of you that have chosen to continue exercising it has become more of a chore or something we have to do in order to maintain proper health. We’ve lost the competitive, challenging and FUN side of physical activities.

In this article I’d like to present some thoughts and ideas on how to help you “Train Like a Kid again”. All kids want to win when competing. They want to be the first one to finish the race, to score the most points or be the strongest. They get caught up in the FUN and joy of competing and simply trying one’s hardest. As adults we get too caught up in the outcome (i.e. bigger muscles, physical appearance, weight loss) and forget about the PROCESS of PERFORMANCE determining our outcome. Learn to focus on performance and find ways to make physical activities FUN, challenging and exciting again.

If cardio classes, mundane cardio sessions on the treadmill or bike and weight training are getting boring and becoming a “chore” then try this:

CrossFit Thoroughbred’s has made exercising FUN, challenging and exciting again. They have taken bits and pieces from all backgrounds of physical conditioning and put them together to make an extremely intense, powerful, FUN and exciting workout. They utilize functional training, Olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastics conditioning exercises, strong man event exercises, yoga movements, running, cycling, rowing and many other forms of athletic based conditioning exercises and drills.

To make these exercises FUN again they have moved away from the traditional “body building” style of training 3 sets, 10-15 reps with a 1-2 minute rest between sets. Instead they’ve turned these exercises into sport or play.

Some workouts are timed; some are performed for as many rounds as possible in a given time frame, while others are done for reps and weight lifted as 1RM. This brings back the FUN and competitive side of physical fitness again. These workouts can be done alone or in a group. By keeping track of time, distance, speed, reps, weights lifted or number of rounds completed it’s just like keeping score in a game. With CrossFit Thoroughbred’s “Workout’s of the Day” (W.O.D.) you can compare your workout scores with others and see how you compare or simply use your score as a reference for a latter time when performing the same workout again and see if you’re improving.

Here are a couple of SAMPLE CrossFit Thoroughbred’s workouts to give you some idea of how these workouts can be challenging, FUN and exciting. Keep in mind these are only sample workouts and are not intended for any one person. You should always see a physician for clearance before engaging in any physical conditioning program. You should also seek the guidance and professional instruction of a certified personal trainer or participate in a CrossFit class to learn proper form and technique as well as proper resistance (Lbs.) to use for each exercise.

SAMPLE: Goal= (Complete 3 rounds in 40 min.)

Move from one exercise to the next with as little rest as possible.

~Run or jog 250m.
~Deadlift ¼ or ½ your bodyweight 12 reps
~Dumbbell or kettlebell one arm bench press 12 reps each arm
~Jump rope 1 min.
~Wall Bal Shots 20 reps (20lb. ball- men, 10lb. ball women)
(Hold the ball chest level, squat down into a full squat position, jump up and throw the ball vertically up the wall “goal 8-10 feet” then, catch and repeat)
~Pull ups (or) jumping pull ups 20 reps
~Run or jog 250m.

SAMPLE: Goal= (Complete as many rounds as possible in 60 min.)

SCORESAverage= 1 round
Good= 2 rounds
Excellent= 3 rounds
Insane= 4 rounds

Row 1000m.
50 Sit Ups
Row 750m.
50 Hyperextensions
Row 500m.
50 Hanging knee raises
Row 250m.
50 Medball trunk rotations each side

Sample Goal: CrossFit Total (Heaviest weight lifted for 1 repetition for each exercise)
Total weight of all three exercises combined equals score

1 Rep Max for Barbell Back Squat
1 Rep Max for Strict Barbell Shoulder Press
1 Rep Max for Barbell Deadlift

As you can see from the two sample workouts they are designed to challenge you physically, mentally, anaerobically (strength) as well as aerobically (cardio). Working out and exercise in general shouldn’t have to be boring or tedious. It should and can be FUN again by challenging yourself and allowing for variety. Don’t get so caught up in the outcome of exercise or stuck in a rut thinking you can or should only do one type of exercise (i.e. body building, aerobics classes, basic cardio). Allow yourself to play and experiment with many modes of physical activities. Either choose something different each day (i.e. weight lifting, running, cycling, kayaking or various sports) or even try combining some of these activities together for a more challenging, FUN and exciting workout.

If this is new to you and you’ve never tried this type of training please contact CrossFit Thoroughbred’s to learn how to “Train Like a Kid Again”.

Jeremy Barnett, Owner/operator

©copyright 2009 CrossFit Thoroughbreds

About the author:
Jeremy Barnett received his CrossFit Level 1 Coach's Certification through , Personal Trainers certification through the International Sports Sciences Association, Post Injury Fitness Trainer certification through the International Sports Sciences Association and his USA Cycling Level 3 Coach # 237023 certification through the USA Cycling Association.

Jeremy has spent the past 27 years training clients in various health club facilities as well as working directly with a chiropractor and his patients for over 7 years. In 2007 Jeremy started CrossFit Thoroughbreds and now has 100's of clients “Training Like a Kid Again”.

Since 2007 the CrossFit Thoroughbreds program has taken off and become a huge success in Fort Myers, Fl. CrossFit Thoroughbreds offers CrossFit training, powerlifting, olympic lifting, strongman training and sports strength and conditioning as well as youth training. 

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