Saturday, September 17, 2011

But I'm Big Boned

OK. No more excuses about being "Big Boned" anymore.

X-rays of a normal weight person 
and an obese person.

    • Scott Stevens Thus the belief that some heavy folks are big boned is dashed. Look at how small the skeletal frame appears. Those poor bones.
    • Keli Roberts Its not just the joints and spine, although that's a major concern, think about the internal organs, the liver, the spleen, and how crushed they are in all that mass. Not good!
    • Shawn Fears smaller bones due to inactivity, lesser thoracic cavity for lungs coupled with extra weight to move = disaster waiting to happen.
    • Coleman Ray I'm no Doctor but it looks as if the heavy persons spin has so much weight on it that it's not even straight. One wrong move and that back could go out quick.

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