Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CF Gym Rules

The gym is a unique environment in our world. People come there to improve their bodies and feel better about themselves. Most gyms have a written set of rules to govern our behavior while working out.
ALL gyms, however, have an unwritten code of behavior that is not always readily apparent to sometimes even the most advanced of us. The aim of this report is to tell you the written as well as the unwritten rules of behavior in The Gym.

The written rules of the gym are usually few and designed to ensure members safety, convenience and equipment care. You are probably familiar with the majority of them. These rules are all fairly straightforward and come out of common sense.

We ask all members to follow them or be prepared to give us 100 Burpees for breaking them. lol

CrossFit Gym Rules:

We don't want your sickness!!!

Don't go to the gym if you're sick. Too many people come to the gym sick in the hopes that it'll "make me feel better". You are only spreading your sickness to others in the gym and to us your coaches. Please stay home, get some rest and come back when you're better. We don't want to be sick any more than you do!

Practice Good Hygiene

Going to the gym is not an excuse to be lazy. We don’t expect the gym to smell like Starbucks (though that would be nice), and we certainly don’t expect to be able to smell whatever it is you ate for lunch. So please brush your teeth before heading out and don’t forget the antiperspirant.

Don’t Marinade in Perfume

Coming from a person who suffers from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), I can understand why someone would feel the need to use perfume at the gym. But the gym is NOT the place for perfume. A good deodorant will suffice. If you sweat a lot, and feel like you need to wear something, use a light body spray/mist instead. It’s not as strong as a perfume and is less likely to irritate the senses of fellow gym-goers. Tip: Secret Deodorant has the strongest active ingredients. Plus, they have a line specifically designed for people who sweat excessively. Use their Clinical Strength at night and a stick/spray during the day. I love their aerosol pre-workout!

Clean Up After Yourself

You’d think this is common sense, but working out months in the gym proves otherwise. You wouldn’t like to stick your hand in a puddle of sweat, just like I don’t want to touch yours. Be considerate and wipe up your sweat before moving on to your next routine. Additionally, when your water bottle is empty, it is not okay to leave it lying around the gym- throw it in the trash.

Be Alert

In CrossFit many people are working out at the same time. Some with barbells and very heavy weights moving around the gym. Please be alert and aware of what is going on around you. Especially around the power racks. Many times as coaches we see people walking or standing between the racks while some is in them lifting. This can be dangerous for both individuals as the person walking or standing could be hit by the moving barbell. While the person lifting could be destracted and miss a lift and become injured.

Put it Back

After using your equipment please clean it off and put it back in it's original place where you found it. We are your coaches not your maids. We all went to kindergarten, right? We all learned that after you play with something you put it back, so put back the gear when you're done. You're coaches will appreciate it!

Talking Do not talk to someone in the middle of a set. This is very distracting and they are probably not listening to you anyway. Don't be offended if and when they ignore you. Wait until they're done

Personal Items
Don't leave your bags, jackets, towels, etc. where people can trip on them. Many members have left glasses, phones and ipods on the floor to only have someone accidentally step on them and break them. Don't let this be you!
Be Nice
It's not nice to laugh at other people just because they can't lift as much as you. Remember, there is always someone else who can lift more than you. We're all CrossFitters here. We should come together like a family to support, encourage and help eachother succeed!