Saturday, May 31, 2008

Steve Kalb's CrossFit Testimonial

My name is Steve Kalb, and I have been taking Cross Fitt training under Jeremy Barnett for about two months. I was introduced to Cross Fitt by my friend and co worker Matt Stachler. Matt and I are firefighters and he suggested this type of training to aid in my career health as a firefighter and also in my second advocation as a blacksmith.

I will not lie, the workouts are the toughest that I have ever experienced in my adult life, but the results I have gotten are just as incredible. Just turning 43, I have alot of "middle age aches". Little pains in the shoulder, elbow etc. I attributed this to just a fact of life. The first month I noticed the aches were lessening. By training properly, Jeremy helped me open up my range of motion (that I did not even know was terrible) and slowly the aches began to dissapear. My stamina improved and I began to lose weight.

This is wonderful but it gets better. Last night I was on the brush fire in Collier County. My assignment was to take a brush truck with another co worker and be part of a task force to aid the area. The truck is a modified military vehicle that actually served in the Korean conflict. We worked active fire from 5pm to 1am under some of the worse fire conditions I have seen in 5 years. Normally, the punishment from the truck and the event would put me down. Today I feel sore, but I do not have the pain I would have.

I wanted to share this with others, because I truly believe that this system can help others in their career and life in general. Thanks again to Jeremy for your training and Matt, Julie, Maegan, Joe and all the other CrossFitter's in your motivation and support.

I am truly blessed.
Steve Kalb one of a kind blacksmithing art.

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  1. hey steve,
    you've done such a great job and look great!!! Its so awesome to see people change!! Keep up the good work!! Ill see you soon!!!