Sunday, May 25, 2008

Never limit your ability to succeed!

Hey CrossFitters,

Never let age be your limiting factor for success. Barbara Boyer recently competed in the Master's Weightlifting Championships April 4-6 in Savannah, Ga.

Boyer won the gold medal in her age group and weight class and the best lifter award in her age group. Boyer's six-for-six lifting performance with final lifts of 40kg. Snatch and 55kg Clean & Jerk, for a total of 95kgs., set nine National Master's records.

This was Boyers' seventh National gold medal, which made her eligible to be inducted into the National Masters Weightlifting Hall of Fame. Boyer's induction will take place at the banquet following next years' National competition which will be held in El Paso, Texas next April.

Boyer began Olympic-style weightlifting when she was nearly 58 years old. Before that, she had been going to the gym and doing general conditioning for about 4 years. That's' when she started weight strengthening because of shoulder (rotator cuff) problems. She had never gone to a gym before, so that was a big step for her!

Boyer, who was wintering in Ft. Myers, Fl. self trained at the Fitness Advantage gym with the aid and support of Jeremy Barnett of CrossFit Thoroughbreds now located at The Training Ground in Ft. Myers, Fl. After a brief rest period, Boyer will continue to train for competition this fall.

Boyer is proof that age doesn't need to be a limiting factor. No matter what your age is strive to improve your health and lifestyle and success will be yours!

CrossFit Thoroughbreds "Xtreme Fitness 4 Xtreme People"

Jeremy Barnett, ISSA-CFT, Founder

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