Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CrossFit Boot Camp 5-24-08

Tasha--Flipping the 200lb. Tire CF Coach Jeremy Barnett Demo

Amy & Craig-- Overhead Plate Carries--Run Faster...

John getting the Duck Walk Down Group Push Ups--Warm ups are FUN!

Robb--KB Swings (Use those HIPS!!) You can always use more Push Ups!

Rich getting his Duck Walk On! CF Coach Jeremy Demo Tire Flips

Lynn--200lb. Tire Flips You got it!

CrossFit girls got some POWER!!

CrossFit Coach Jeremy explaining the rules of Saturday's Boot Camp. No CHEATING!!

Keep that weight up TED! Melisa--KB Swings...It's all in HIPS!

Boot Camp Warm Up-- High Knee Drills and of course More Push Ups


  1. That workout was intense! I was whipped after it. My back and hamstrings are still sore two days later. Of course, I will be back next Saturday for more. Pain is my friend.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Ted. See you next Saturday.