Friday, May 30, 2008

Sat. 5-31-08 BOOT CAMP

Sat. 5-31-08 BOOT CAMP
Warm-Up: 15 min. Running Drills & Practice Technique for Boot Camp Exercises

W.O.D.: AMRAP in 40 min. (Partners Boot Camp)

Pair up with a partner. 1 person will complete the course while the other partner guides them through and counts reps. Then they switch and second person completes the Boot Camp course. Both partners must complete AMRAP in 40 min.(1 stop watch per team)
The team with the most rounds completed wins!

START: 40 yrd Dash. + 20 Push Ups on curb + + 10 MB Squat & Presses + 1 min. Bike Standing + 10 each arm- KB Bent Over Rows + 20 Overhead MB Slams + 20 yrd. Lateral Shuffle L&R + 60 Jump Ropes FINISH! Switch Partners

Hey Guys. Still Think CrossFit is just circuit training
and a program for girls??
Think Again!

Darian Barnett A.K.A. "Big D Powerlifting" Age 14
Deadlifting 375 lbs. X 3 reps x 2 sets
Darian's Competition 1 rep max is currently 425 lbs.

If CrossFit can do this for a 14 year old
imagine what it can do for you!

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