Sunday, May 25, 2008

2007 Biggest Loser Challenge Final Results

Hey CrossFitters,

Congratulations to all of our Biggest Loser Competitors! Three months of pain, sweat and saccrifice have finally paid off. Today was the groups final weigh-in and 5 competitiors were left standing. Two men and three women. This was a test of will power and commitment to change exercise, lifestyle and eating habbits for life. I am extremely proud of each persons commitment to the program and their hard work, dedication and success. I thank each one of you for participating and encourage all of you to continue making this experience a life long journey.

2007 Biggest Loser CompetitorsFrom left to right: Julie Stachler, Julie racicot-Taylor, Michelle Kitcart, Jeremy Barnett-CrossFit Coach, Craig Sweet, Doug Hunt and Jason Croce-Nutritional Counsultant

Below are the final results for the 2007 Biggest Loser Challenge:

1st Place Male: Doug Hunt (4.92% fat lost), (18 lbs. lost)

1st Place Female: Julie Racicot-Taylor (10.2% fat lost), (26.5 lbs. lost)

2nd Place Male: Craig Sweet (4.56% fat lost), (9 lbs. lost)

2nd Place Female: Michelle Kithcart (4.37% fat lost), (4 lbs. lost)

3rd Place Female: Julie Stachler (3.2% fat lost), (4.5 lbs.)

I would like to thank our sponsors for the wonderful prizes and support.

Criag Sweet-SRMS, P.A.: $250.00 each cash prize for 1st place male and female

Rich Kissell-Chili's: $400.00 Gift Certificates and CrossFit T-Shirts

Michele Dawn Salon & Spa: ($50 Gift Package to 1 st place male and female and $25.00 Gift Package to 2nd place male and female)

Reebok-Tangler Outlet: $50.00 Gift Card to 1st place male and female, Reebok backpack, shoe care products and socks

Jason Croce: Nutritonal counsling and body composition measurements

Jeremy Barnett-CrossFit: CrossFit Training Coach

Thanks again to all the participants and sponsors for their hard work and support.

Get ready for the next Biggest Loser Challenge Coming Soon!

CrossFit Thoroughbreds "Xtreme Fitness 4 Xtreme People"

Jeremy Barnett, ISSA-CFT, Founder

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