Monday, May 26, 2008

Jimmy & Sally do CrossFit for 60th Birthday

Hey CrossFitters,

For those of you who think CrossFit is just for the young bucks and physically fit think again. Jimmy and his wife Sally are both 60 years old and doing CrossFit. They have been training with CrossFit for 10 years now performing 2 days/week of olympic style lifting and incorporating other forms of CrossFit training throughout the week.

10 years ago Jimmy couldn't do one body weight squat and now he can do a 135lb. Clean-n-Jerk and an 85lb. snatch. His wife Sally can Clean-n-Jerk 82lbs. and Snatch 42lbs. Pretty impressive stuff.

Here's a video link of Jimmy and Sally doing these lifts on his 60th Birthday.

Can't use age as an excuse anymore,
CrossFit Thoroughbreds "Xtreme Fitness 4 Xtreme People"

Jeremy Barnett, ISSA-CFT, Founder

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