Thursday, September 6, 2012

OH Squat PR Day!!!

Awesome job everybody!!:-) ....some of the highlights of the day:

Steve 200lbs PR 45lbs Increase!!!!

Beth 100lbs PR 35lbs Increase

Kelsey 110lbs PR

Aaron 115lbs PR
Shaun 95lbs PR
Jean 195lbs PR 10lbs Increase
Janine 90lbs PR 35lbs Increase
Sam 115lbs PR
Nick 135lbs PR
Brian 175lbs PR 30lbs Increase
Teresa 95lbs PR 30lbs Increase
Magen 140lbs PR 35lbs Increase
Pat 185lbs PR
Samuel 135lbs PR
Kyle 165lbs PR
Jean 50lbs PR
Bertha 110lbs PR 
Ashley 65lbs PR
Amy 65lbs PR

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