Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fort Myers CrossFit TB Fri 9-14-12 WOD:

WOD: 2 Rounds each station

Station 1:
Farmers Carry to 41 and back
100 Mountain Climbers
Farmers Carry to 41 and back
100 Mountain Climbers

Station 2:
Cone Drills
Ladder Drills
Cone Drills
Ladder Drills

Station 3:
Sprint Speed Bump to Speed Bump – walk back x 4

Team WOD at 5:00pm
(Must be proficient at all CrossFit exercises and ready to compete. 
Coaching is NOT available during Team WOD's)

Buy In: 
600 m. Team MB Indian Run
PENALTY: Every time a team member drops the ball 
the team has to do 10 burpees before they can continue on.

WOD: 4 Rounds/team member

Rope Climb x 2 (Modified--10 Pull Ups on the bar)
Ring Dips x 6 (20 modified on bench)
Row 200 m.
KB Snatch x 5 each arm (50-70 m., 20-40 w.)
Tire Flips x 5 

Cash Out:
Team Relay Sprint to 41 & Back

One team member sprints to 41 & back then tags another team member to begin. 
Remaining team members hold plank position during the sprint. Once the sprint is over team members can rest but no one can sprint until all team members are back in the plank position. Continue until all team members complete the sprint.

Team will then run into the gym together. 
Last team member in the room stops the clock.

Record team time!!!

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