Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sat. Military Obstacle Course Fun!

I'd like to thank Gen & Brandy Bartolone from Naples for inviting me to their Military Obstacle Course today. Two of our CF members Dan Banks and Allyson Fertelmes went as well for some military style Boot Camp fun.

They started with some basic warm ups:
Jumping jacks, squat jumps and push up walks

Then it was time for three rounds of the Military O Course. They started with a sprint to the trails then through the woods to the obsticales which consisted of a climbing wall, A frame climbs, balance posts, over/under logs and hill runs.Then off to the 20' Rope Climb, Log Press, Sledge Hammer Swings and Brick Carry Suicides.

The finisher for the day was 1.5 mile run for the cool down. Once back from the run everyone cooled off in the pool and enjoyed cold beers to relax. What the hell, they worked for it! lol

Thanks for the the invite guys. I had a great time!


Check out some of the photos from todays events:

1.5 Mile Cool Down Run

8' Climbing Wall

A Wall Climb

Balance Tables

Brick Carry Suicides

Log Press


Push Ups Walks

Rope Climb Race

Sledge Hammer Swings


Trail Run


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