Friday, December 16, 2011

Fort Myers CrossFit TB Sat Boot Camp 12/17/2011:


Two to Three Team Challenge

Each team draws six random exercises out of a hat. Teams have 45 min. to finish all 6 exercises. 1st team finished WINS!

Team Rope Carry to 41 & back between each exercise

Squats x 500

Squat Jumps x 500

Push Ups x 500

Burpees x 500

Lunges x 500

Team tire flip to speed bump and back

Sprint relay to speed bump 4 times each team member

Lateral Hops x 500

Mountain Climbers (total reps) x 5000

Water Bucket Relay speed bump 2 x each team member

Guys= 29:16
Team Tire Flip
Water Bucket Carry
500 Squat Jumps
500 Push Ups
500 Lateral Hops
500 Squats

500 Lateral Hops
500 Squat Jumps
Tire Flips
Water Bucket Carry
500 Squats
Sprint Relay

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