Monday, August 30, 2010

Tues. 8-31-2010 WOD

Warm Up:

Shoulder stretches

Figure fours 4 times

Lateral shuffles 4 times (L & R)

Back pedal 4 times

Hip leg calf stretches


(3 x’s left & right) Ladder – Lateral hops to burpees (Do a lateral hop over 2 boxes then do a burpee. Keep repeating to the end of the ladder. Then repeat on the opposite side.)

Small Hurdles- Forward Hops over hurdles (repeat 6 x’s)

Big Hurdles- Over/Under Carries (Carry a weight over the smaller hurdles and then under the higher hurdles) Repeat 6 x’s (L & R)

GHD Sit Ups- 4 x 10 weighted

30 Minute AMRAP:
5x 105# Curtis P
5x 35# DB Manmakers
10x Pull Ups

Curtis P = hanging squat clean, lunge each leg, then push press. 

Manmaker = plank position, dumbbell row each arm, feet come up, squat clean thruster, and lunge with each leg once weights are overhead.

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