Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Total Athlete

What is The Total Athlete?

What is an “athlete”? Many things may come to mind but a true athlete is one who can exhibit the culmination of physical, mental and emotional mastery in their chosen arena. The level of mastery of any one aspect dictates the display of overall excellence. I.e. you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Thoroughbred Youth Athletics and Human Performance Mentors™ are joining forces to offer one of a kind training in The Total Athlete system! This effective and compelling program offers entry into our community of both everyday and professional-level athletes alike. Through the Crossfit training concepts and lifestyle you will master your physical performance capabilities. Through HPMprogramming and coaching you will learn to become aware of and control your mental and emotional aptitudes. Learn the same skills that help the pros gain and keep their mental, physical and emotional edge! Total Athletes are winners on and off the fields; winners in the game of life!

How do I Become a Total Athlete?


How do I Help my Child Become a Total Athlete?

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The Total Athlete

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