Monday, August 23, 2010

CrossFit's new look

The gym has a fresh new look guys. I'd like to give a special thanks to Colby Metcalf for our new CrossFit mural.
This was a huge project and he did an amazing job on it. He worked his butt off for over 12 hours painting this for us. I honestly think he would have rather done 12 hours of burpees. He worked until midnight last night trying to finish it for Monday morning. I think today could be considered his rest day. He's earned it.

For those of you that may not know Colby he is one of our CrossFit members and owns his own tattoo shop in Cape Coral called Pericardium Tattoo. He also does amazing paintings and other forms of art work.

Check him out at:


Visit him on FaceBook

Finished CrossFit Mural

Just gettin' started

Movin' along

Lookin' Good!

Now it's gettin' close

Now that's freakin' AWESOME!

Thanks Colby!!


  1. What talent - breathtaking - to do something so creative in one 12 hour session must mean our artist has really taken care of his body & mind.
    AMAZING! Chloe Peterson