Friday, August 27, 2010

Lose 30 lbs. in 9 Weeks

Before and after photos of Darian. He started his diet one day after school let out and 9 weeks later this is the end result.

Before (192lbs.)

After photos (164 lbs.)

For those of you interested in weight loss here is what my son and I have been eating. This is not a diet for everyone to follow nor am I prescribing this to anyone person to follow. I am only letting the public see how we eat and what is working for us. This is only a sample of what we eat and it changes occassionally as we get bored with it.

Best advice is to eat whole organic foods. Meats, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Very simple to do. No junk food, processed foods, sodas, juices, packaged or boxed foods. If man had to make or manufacture it you shouldn't be eating it. Plain and Simple!!

Here is what my son and I are doing:

3 Hard Boiled Eggs
1 Cup Organic Greek Yogurt (Plain)
1/4 Cup Blueberries

4 Slices Deli Turkey
2 Slices Deli Cheese
1 Cup Mixed Veggies

4-6 oz. Chicken Breast or Steak
2 Cups Cooked Spinach

1 Cup Organic Greek Yogurt (Plain)

1/4 Cup Blueberries
6 Almonds

Same as lunch

Late Snack:
1 Cup Organic Greek Plain Yogurt
6 Almonds


Protein Pudding (ONLY 1-Serving Per Night)

1/2 gallon Organic Whole Milk
6 boxes Fat Free/Sugar Free Jello Pudding Mix
Mix ingrediants

Then add:
4 servings of protein (Beef Protein from
add more milk as needed to blend smooth.

Portion into 1 cup serving dishes and chill.


  1. D looks great.

  2. Holy shit thats amazing! So whats next, is he competing in a lighter weight? Did he lose much strength?

  3. Yeah, he worked hard for it this summer. He actually gained strength. When he was at 192 lbs. he deadlifted 551 lbs. which was 2.8 times his bodyweight.

    He now weighs 164 lbs. and deadlifted 500 lbs. today. which is 3.04 times his current bodyweight.

    He wants to compete in the 161 lb. weight class next April at the Europa Show of Champions in Orlando and break all the records in that weight class.

    I think he's got it!

  4. Jeremy,

    D is looking great and the fact that he was able to keep his strength up, shows that you did it right. Great job and congrats! By the way, where are your before and after pics?

    Robb Gunn

  5. They'll be coming when I look like Darian. lol

  6. Freakin' amazing!

    Was he doing cardio and weight training work those weeks to or was it only a dietary change?

    These photos really blow my mind b/c I look A LOT like his before photo right now.

  7. His physical training wasn't that intense. Some strength and some conditioning work similar to CrossFit training. It was his diet that was really strict that got him there.

  8. He lost 50lbs off his deadlift. That is not gaining strength.

  9. Look at it pound for pound. At 191 lbs. he deadlifted 551 lbs. That's 2.88 times his bodyweight. He now weighs 165 lbs. and deadlifted 500 lbs. That's 3 times his bodyweight. This is his strength gain.

    In powerlifting competitions he would be stronger at this weight pound for pound then at his previous weight.