Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mon. 8-2-2010 WOD

Warm Up:

Shoulder Stretches


Pole Squats Overhead Practice

Core Lift: Overhead Squats

10 x Bar, 8 x 55%, 6 x 65%, 4 x 75% 3 x 2 x 85%

WOD: KAREN-150 Wall Ball Shots

Men on one team and women on another team. Men split into two teams and women split into two teams. Men compete against each other and women compete against each other to complete 150 reps of Wall Ball Shots in the best time possible. Each team member will complete 10 Wall Ball Shots then pass the ball to the next team member. Continue through all team members until you finish 150 reps.

1st team finished wins!

Advanced...I Guess?

"Air Force WOD" Finish for Time:
20x 95lb. Thursters
20x 95lb. Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
20x 95lb. Push Press
20x 95lb. OH Squats
20x 95lb. Front Squats
***EVERY minute on the minute stop, set bar down, and complete 4x Burpees***


We are having a charity car wash to raise funds for The Thoroughbred Youth Athletics program this Saturday. Come out and help support our Lee County youth. Get your car washed and enter our raffle for a chance to win many great prizes.

See attached flyer for more details or call 239-851-3940.

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