Friday, January 29, 2010

EA Youth Club in the Community

EA Youth Club in the Community

The EA Youth Club is going out into the community and engaging our area teens! Pictured above is Jay Kollar (right), of Kollar Consulting, speaking to Will Hutcherson (left), Youth Pastor at Next Level Church’s Collide Experience. The discussion was part of the capstone message in NLC’s Healthy Life 2010 series, where over 100 kids were exposed to the ideas of Crossfit, being an everyday athlete and functional fitness.

The students and staff alike were excited about the program and the unique angle of removing any and all barriers to kids getting and/or staying healthy. The EA Youth Club offers coached high-level athletic training, a community-driven group setting, partially or fully subsidized tuition and even reduced cost Lee Tran bussing for those without transportation.

Please contact Jay at 239-424-9144 or Jeremy Barnett at 239-851-3940 for more information.

For sponsorship or donation opportunities please go to the EA Youth Club website.

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