Friday, January 2, 2009

Evolved Athletics 1st WOD for the New Year

Hey CrossFitters,

I had a few of our CrossFit guys come in to break in the new gym for the new year. Nick, Jeremy, Zach and Ben came in today and kicked butt. 

Thanks for coming out and breaking in the new gym for the NEW YEAR guys.

Here's Evolved Athletics 1st WOD for the NEW YEAR:

WOD: 2 Rounds
Row 1500 m
95 lb. Shoulder Press 10 reps
40lb. Sandbag Carry up/down Plyoboxes 3 x's right leg, 3 x's left leg
Run 1 Lap Around Bldg.

Core Lifts: 10, 8, 6, 4 NO REST between lifts
Bench Press

Core Exercises for a finisher: 2 Rounds
20 KTE's
20 MB Trunk Rotations
20 GHD HYperextensions

Get ready CrossFitters. January WOD's are already planned out. So get plenty of rest this weekend and come in Monday fresh and ready to kick butt this year.

P.S. Remember to get to class 5-10 min. early to fill out the new client information packet. You can not workout until the paper work is complete and signed.

See You Monday,
Jeremy Barnett


  1. Feckin sweet. Thanks for lettng us come in today Jeremy. See ya Mon.