Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mon. 1-5-09 WOD

Mon. 1-5-09


5 x 100 yrd. Runs (rest 30 sec. between rounds)

Partner band rows 5 x 60 sec. w/20 sec. rest between rounds)


W.O.D.: 30-20-10 reps of each

Wall Ball  + Farmer Carry Overhead 100 yrds. KB  + MMA KB Rows

BIG D's Bags O' FUN!

105lb., 115lb., 185lb. & 220lb. Sand Bag Carries 23 Feet


  1. Jeremy,

    Please stop posting every blessed video you make on the Community forums. You have this website for posting them - you don't need to clutter the boards. You're not going to get any clients or any advertisement from doing it. You're just going to bother people on the message boards, such as myself. If people really cared to see your videos, they would come to this website. If you have something truly spectacular, then show it off, but everything you've been posting is awfully run-of-the-mill as far as CrossFit affiliates go.

    Feel free to delete this post after reading; I will not be offended if you do.

    Thank you.

  2. Well, Mr. or Mirs. Anonymous it's nice to know you have the BALLS to put your name behind your comments. As a paid CrossFit Affiliate I thought it was my free right to post and advertise what my affiliate is doing in our community. Hundreds of other affiliates post everyday and no one else seems to mind other than you. Seems to me that you are the only one with this problem so maybe you shouldn't come to the forum any longer. It would save you the trouble and aggravation of seeing successful affiliates working , training and helping their clients succeed.

  3. Jeremy,

    Why so quick to resort to insults against one's virility? The said, not the sayer, is of importance here. You know this. I understand that my anonymity makes it difficult for you to make ad hominem attacks, but please don't get depressed about it; you still have the option to carry out a discussion like a reasonable human being instead.

    The fact of the matter is that "hundreds of other affiliates" do not post their workouts on CrossFit Inc's website daily. A few dozen affiliate owners may post, but they do so as any other forum member would, simply asking and answering questions. They do not repetitively post "Hey look at me!" topics at every possible opportunity. I repeat, please stop posting these things - they will get you nothing but pathetic oral handjobs from those who pity you in your ignorance.

  4. Hey Anon,

    Why did you post this drivel here? Why wouldn't you do it on your other forum where all of this "offensive" posting behavior has taken place? Isn't that poor netiquette?

    Why DID you bring it here? Your ability to be anonymous could be the reason.

    PS. Sign your posts. It is the polite thing to do and since you are trying to be polite.........

  5. Joe,

    Drivel? Please allow me to apologize for speaking in a reasonable and well-thought out manner. While it may be far from what you wish to hear, that does not make it "drivel" by any means. If you have a point to make, then make it. If your sole objective is to attempt to disrupt an argument by attacking my credibility (not even the credibility of my message), your words are worthless.

    Please note that I never called Jeremy's behavior "offensive," despite the fact you marked it with quotations.

    I brought my comments here for two reasons. Foremostly, because this website, as I have said before, is the proper place for Jeremy's content, and all things regarding it - not the message boards. Secondarily, the anonymity is a plus. If you simply read this page, you can discern the reason why. Barrages of arrows to kill the single flag bearer.


    What exactly was your goal in posting the first and third comments on the message boards? It seems like an attempt to appear a hard-ass. While this may earn you accolades from the general population, among my sympathizers, your posting my message will give it a much greater effect than I ever could have hoped for. Thank you. However, I advise strongly against posting the rest of the comments, since I can not envision your bluff standing strong in any prolonged argument.

  6. I forgot to add: My message has been said and I'm done here. If you have any more stones to throw, aim them here:

    But be warned - that's not my real name.

  7. What's your problem Mr. Anonymous?????? Man Up and sign your name? Better yet, Man Up and get a Job other then dogging people who are trying to make a difference in his clients and other peoples life. If you don't like it Mr. Anonymous DON'T LOOK! Keep up the good work Jeremy.

    P.S. Mr. Anonymous you have WAAAAY to much time on your hands!


  8. Thanks Shelley. It's nice to know my CrossFitters understand what I'm trying to do for them and that they have my back.

    You guys are amazing!

    Thanks for your support,

  9. Hell i wish more affiliates would post vids. Its alwasy cool to see what other people are doing.

  10. Keep up the great work Jeremy!! I mean if you weren't doing it right then why would *I* after only doing Crossfit for 3-4 months decide to keep it going when I moved to GA? In fact I signed up the 2nd day I was in town. Your guidance, inspiration and "tough love" is appreciated here. Keep posting dude... rock on!

    Signed by Sandra @-,-'--

  11. Thanks Sandra. This really means the world to me. It let's me know I'm doing something right. It's nice to know I was able to inspire and motivate you. Keep up the hard work and send me some pictures.

  12. Hey no problem! Maybe I can send you the video from teh commercial I am going to be in for my gym. (wink wink) Hahaha! Yeah I show up for the WOD and they were like "Hey Sandra! You can be in our commercial too!" *it was too funny*. They also demonstrated some Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga moves for the shoot not just CF. I did a little "acting" playing a store clerk while the two instructors simulated being attacked with a gun. It was great fun! Then after doing stuff as a team for the commercial the other gal that was there did the WOD- We did "Cindy". So I was at the gym for quite a while... I did 9 rounds in the 20 minutes by the way for the WOD.

    ~Making new friends in GA,


  13. WOW! That's pretty cool. So now your at super star status. Can I get your autograph?

  14. You have to go through my manager... I think Joe already calls himself that... except uses a different term.. lmao! Hahaha... so when I come down to your NEW gym will I get star status? Like a limo and everything... just asking... lol.. cuz I could play the diva thing quite easily! ;)

  15. I'm sure we could work something out. Red wine, a limo, the red carpet treatment and of course endless BURPEES! Anything for you.

  16. HAHAHA! Thank you Sandra. Thank you for the laughs.