Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fort Myers Crossfit TB Fri. 6/10/2011 WOD

Friday 6/10/2011 WOD:
Warm Up:
4x Jog
4x Run
2x High Knees
2x Butt Kicks
2x Lateral Shuffle
Lunge Stretch
Leg/Hip/Calf Stretches

1 Mile BB Carry + 10x Squats with BB EVERY 50x Steps (Men 65#, Women 45#)
Then complete 4 Rounds:
10x BB Rows - Increase Weight EACH Set
5x DB Clean and Jerk Each Arm - Increase Weight EACH Set

Strength: 10 Minutes - 1x Power Clean on the Minute for Load

WOD: "Grace" For Time
30x 135# Clean and Jerk

Durability: 1:00 Run - or - Row Ladder

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