Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wed. 9-23-09 WOD

Warm Up: 5 reps each
Shoulder Dislocators
Bent Over Rows
High Pulls
Hang Cleans
Shoulder Press
Push Press
Back Squat
Reverse Lunge with Trunk Rotations

Core Lift: Push Press
10 x 50%, 6 x 65%, 5 x 75%, 2 x 80%, 2 x 85%, 4 x 3 x 90%

WOD: Practice Technique
Hand Stand Push Ups- (5 reps)
1-Legged Squats- (5 reps each leg)


  1. Indira- went out of communication-
    fell of the wagon
    meal1-2 eggs w/ asparagus
    meal2-grilled chicken w/ grape tomatoes
    snack - decf w/ milk and almonds/ tea with honey
    meal3 dinner out - grilled shrimp,vegetables,steak,salad,
    1 glass of wine,brownie and a slice of chocolate cake

    water 1 liter
    no activity

    meal 1 - banana, grapes w/ almonds
    (was in someone's house and ate their way)
    meal2- out at restaurant - indian food - i roti (bread), lamb and chicken curry, curry vegetables, indian tea (tea w/ milk)

    water 1 1/2 L
    activity - walked 3 miles

    My promise is to get back on my eating tomorrow and to go to cross fit in my area.
    (Hard to plan when working this way)

    Will call for support!!!

  2. Joe's Tuesday food log"

    4am protein shake

    5am WOD

    6:30am 4 boiled eggs, 1 cup blueberries

    12noon Medium salad with 5oz chicken breast

    3:30 Gladiator smoothie

    6pm 7oz baked chicken breast, two cups mashed cauliflower, 1 cup broccoli, 10 black olives

    I am no longer drinking fluids during meals. During the day I drank at least 1 gallon of water.

  3. Julie's tues food log
    meal1:protein shake(8oz h2o,1/2 c blueberrries,1 scoop pp)1-16oz h2o
    meal2:protein shake(8oz h2o,1/2 c blueberries,1 scoop pp, 1tsp pb)1 apple, 2-16 oz h2o
    meal3:1egg+2egg whites,2c spinach,1string cheese,8grape tomato,10 almonds,2-16oz h2o
    meal4:4oz turkey burger,8 grape tomato,1/4 c cottage cheese, 2-16oz h2o,10 almonds
    meal5:3oz turkey,8grape tomato,10 almonds,2-20oz h2o
    meal6:protein shake(8oz h2o,1scoop pp,1/4c blueberries,)3 stalks celery,2tsp pb,2-16oz h2o

    crossfit+bike 6miles

  4. Hey Indira, the beautiful thing about controlling your diet is that you have control. You didn't fall off the wagon, you jumped! The best part is the wagon will wait for you to get back on to continue the journey.

    Don't be discouraged. Take your cake and eat it, but get back to eating right. We are still here routing for you!

  5. Julie's wed food log:
    meal1:protein shake(8oz h2o,1scoop pp,1tsp pb,1/2 c blueberries)1-16oz h2o
    meal2:1egg+1egg white,2c spinach,1/4 c cottage cheese,4 stalks celery,1tbsp pb,2 figs,2-16oz h20
    meal3:protein shake(8oz h2o,1scoop pp),8 grape tomato,2-16oz h2o
    meal4:6oz beef,1salad,1/2 peach,2-16 oz h2o(going to work,not to bed)

    crossfit+bike 6 miles

  6. Joe's Wednesday food log:

    4am Protein shake

    5am WOD

    6:45 4 scrambled eggs, onions, mushrooms, spinach and a pinch of cheddar cheese

    12noon Medium mixed greens salad with broccoli, onions, celery, shredded cheddar,balsamic vinaigrette, 6 slices of turkey wrapped with three slices of swiss cheese (three rolls)

    4pm Gladiator smoothie

    7pm 1 lb (yes, one pound) broiled snapper, 1 cup zucchini, yellow squash, onions and 1 cup blueberries