Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weigh In and Fitness Test Results

Today was the groups second weigh-in and fitness assessment. Four out of 5 competitors came in today. Our 5th competitor is out of town but will re-test next week. This has been a test of will power and commitment to change exercise, lifestyle and eating habbits for life.

I am extremely proud of each persons commitment to the program and their hard work, dedication and success. I thank each one of you for participating and encourage all of you to continue making this experience a life long journey. Stay focused and persistent Only 6 more weeks to go.

Below are the results of todays weigh in and fitness test. Weigh in is based on most percent of fat lost. (NOT POUNDS on the SCALE)

Percent Fat Lost:
1st Place: Janet Leake 8.8% Lost, 13.54 Fat lbs. Lost?? (This seems high so we will re-test again Monday just to make sure)

2nd Place: Amy McCluskey 1.4% Lost, 3.28 Fat lbs. Lost

3rd Place: Indira Dominguez .9% Lost, 2.46 Fat lbs. Lost

4th Place: Julie Taylor .1% Lost, +0.39 Fat lbs. Gained (Julie is already at a very low body fat and athletic level 16.8%) This is acceptable

Fitness Test:
(Here is the test they performed at the beginning and today)

Complete 2 Rounds in Best Time
20-Push Ups
500 m. Row
20 Sit Ups
20-Pull Ups or Ring Rows
400 m. Run

1st Place: Julie Taylor Completed all 6 exercises in 16:16 (This is 1.86 slower than her first time but she is the only competitor to complete all 6 exercises. Her first test she did not complete the last run on the second round) Great improvement. Keep working hard!

2nd Place: Amy McCluskey completed all but the last run in 14:40. This is 0.82 faster than her first test. Nice job Amy!

3rd Place: Indira Dominguez completed all but the last run in 14:48. In her previous test she was unable to finish the last three exercises. This time she was able to complete two more exercises and she was 0.02 faster than her first test. Great Job. Keep it up!

4th Place: Janet Leake completed all but the last run in 14:58. She was 0.02 faster than her previous test. She also improved tremendously on each of her split times for each of the exercises. She averaged 15 sec. faster than her previous split times on her first test. Congratulations! You're getting faster and more fit.

Keep working hard,
Jeremy Barnett

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  1. Great job ladies! I can definitely appreciate the hard work you are putting into this endeavor. After starting my new, clean eating behaviors I definitely know how hard it is do do what you are doing.

    Keep up the hard work, I'm sure it will pay off!