Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fri. 9-11-09 WOD

A Day to Remember!

Warm Up:
Shoulder Stretches
Pole Sumo Deadlift Conventional
Practice Hand Stand Push Ups-Advanced
Practice MB Push Ups Beginner/Intermediate

(Warm up to working deadlift weight for Diane)
WOD: Diane (21, 15, 9)- Timed

Deadlift (advanced- men 225, women 135) (Beg./Int. –Men 135, women 95)
Hand Stand Push Ups (Advanced ONLY!) (Beg./Int. MB Push Ups)


  1. Julie's thurs food log:
    snack1:1/2 chicken breast, 12 grape tomato,1black coffee,1-16oz h2o
    meal1:1 1/2 chicken breast, salad, 1/2 peach, 1 cup broccoli,2-16 oz h2o,1 decaf tea
    snack2:1/2 chicken breast,1/2 peach,1-16oz h2o
    meal2:1egg+1egg white, 1/4 c cottage cheese,1 peach,4 stalks celery,1Tbs pb-2-16oz h2o
    snack3:1/2 chicken breast,8 grape tomato,1-16oz h2o,1 black coffee
    meal3:6oz top round steak, salad,1/2 apple,1/4 peach,2-16 oz h2o

    activity: Rest Day

  2. Janet's Thurs.FL
    meal 1: banana/1TBS PB, H20, coffee with cream/stevia
    meal 2: apple,1 0z cheese H20,coffee/cream
    meal 3: 5 oz. stuffed tomato with 5 oz tuna, cherries 1 cup, h20
    meal 4: 3/4 oz.cheese,10 almonds,couple cherries h20
    meal 5: 4-5 oz. baked turkey brast on large, lettuce tomato salad with h.boiled egg. H20

    activity: rest

  3. Indira - Thursday
    meal1- 2-3oz steak, veg, 1-2oz cooked veg.,decafw/cream
    meal2-s/berries,1/2 banana,2oz blueberries, fish, veg
    meal3-1-2oz fish cherry tomatoes
    meal4-(ate out) 2-3 slices bread w/olive oil, shrimp scampi, large
    water 3L
    activity - none