Monday, September 21, 2009

Tues. 9-22-09 WOD

Warm Up:
Shoulder Stretches
Figure 4’s Marching Down + Run Back x 4
Lateral Shuffles 4 x’s left & right
Back Pedal Down & Back x’s 4
Leg/ Hip/Calf Stretches

WOD: 2 Rounds Best Time
1 mi. Run
50 Jump Ropes
50 KTE’s


  1. Joe's Thursday food log:
    4am Protein shake

    5am WOD

    6:45am 2 eggs scrambled, tomatoes, onions and cheddar cheese, 1 apple

    9:30am 7oz steak, medium salad with celery, broccoli, onions and cheddar cheese, 2 tbls dressing

    12:30pm 8oz blackened grouper, small salad

    4:30 1 apple with 2 tbls natural peanut butter, 2 roast beef and swiss cheese rolls, 1 small handful almonds

    5:30pm 7oz pork tenderloin, squash, zucchini, onions

  2. Julie's monday food log:
    meal1: protein shake(8oz h2o,1 scoop of pp,1/2 c blueberries,1tsp of pb),1-16oz h2o
    meal2:1egg+2egg whites,1peach,1/4 c cottage cheese,3 stalks pb,2tsp pb,3-16 oz h2o,1black coffee
    meal3:1/2 chicken breast,1/2 peach,1/4 c cottage cheese,4 stalks celery,10 almonds,2-16oz h2o
    meal4:protein shake(8oz h2o,1scoop of pp,1/2 c blueberries,)1/2 peach,10 almonds,2-16oz h2o
    meal5:4oz turkey burger, 10 grape tomato,1/4 c cottage cheese,2figs,2-16oz h2o
    snack tonight:protein shake(8oz h2o,1scoop of pp),1-16oz h2o

    crossfit 7:03,bike 6.5 miles

  3. Janet's Mon. FL
    6:15AM: be true shake, coffee,stevia,cream, h20
    8AM WOD
    9:15 1 scoop be true shake
    11:00 5 oz turkey, 1/2 peach, h20
    2:00 2eggs, 1 1/2tsp mayo,1piece ezechiel bread, celery, h20, 5 stewed prunes
    5:00 handful nuts, 3/4oz cheese, celery, h20
    7:30 4oz lamb, 1/4 sweet potato, h20

    activity: crossfit

  4. Amber 32:14
    Joe 31:27 (1500 m row x 2)
    Chad 31:54
    Amy 32:44
    Sara 30:35
    Rebecca 33:55
    Erika 21:12
    Melissa 31:21
    Alex 30:08
    Kim 31:42
    Lynne 27:27
    Justin 25:49
    Shelley 22:53
    Aileen 35:40
    Carl 36:25
    Efrain 23:24
    Lindsay 29:20
    Arthur 26:43 (Row 1500 m x 2)

  5. Josh 24:47
    Daniel 28:00

    Sub Par Equipment aka Station 4 ghetto crossfit. All exercises Rx'd. No A/C.

    Food Log:
    Gallon of ice cream
    Coke 2L straight up