Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Night, Fun Night

Blast from the Past


  1. Julie's sat. food log
    meal1:protein shake,(8oz h2o,1/2 c blueberries,1tsp pb,1 scoop pp)2-16 oz h2o
    meal2:1 1/2 cheicken breast,10 grape tomaro,4 stalks celery, 2 tsp pb,2-16 oz h2o
    meal3:1/2 chicken breast,8 grape tomato,10 almonds,2-16oz h2o
    meal4:6 oz thin steak,2c shredded cabbage w/dressing(lemon juice,oil,mustard,2-16oz h2o
    meal5:protein shake(8oz h2o,1 scoop pp)2-16oz h2o

    activity:challenge work out

  2. Indira-Saturday
    Meal1- 1 egg, 3- 4shrimp, spinach,'decafw/cream
    meal2-protien shake with s/berries
    meal3- bowl homemade turkey chili w/beans (got lazy ..did not eat right)
    meal4- 2handful of almonds, turkey burger, steamed brussel sprouts
    water 1- 2L
    activity - challenge workout

    (Hard day ....wanted to eat sweet stuff - wanted to give up on the challenge...going away for a week -
    will stay in touch for support)

  3. Presly is way more awesome than Darian!

    Indira, you can do this! I was watching you work out yesterday and was amazed at how far you have come. I know where you are coming from with the cravings. I wanted beer yesterday pretty badly. It was college football and nothing goes with football better than beer. Anyway, keep up the good work. We are all cheering for you!

    Joe's Saturday food log:
    7:45 Protein shake

    9am Boot camp

    10:45 Gladiator smoothie (Smoothie King)

    2pm 7oz sirloin, broccoli, green beans, small salad with tomatoes, green beans, peas, broccoli, olives, shredded cheddar and two tbls balsamic vinaigrette

    5pm 1 green apple with peanut butter, two slices of roast beef, two slices of turkey

    7:30 8oz filet mignon, two cups roasted squash, zucchini and onions, small salad with Italian dressing, 1 pitcher of wine (I wanted a pitcher of beer)