Thursday, May 7, 2009

Week 6 Level 1 Testing Complete

Hey CrossFitters,

Week 6 Level 1 Testing is complete. Everyone did an amazing job today and each person passed their next 4 test exercises this week.

Only 2 more weeks to go. Keep training hard to be the winner of the CASH PRIZE. To date there is $440.00 up for grabs. We have had several people drop out of the competition which lowers the pot unfortunately.

Remember, the 1st male and female to finish all 21 exercises on the Level 1 Skills chart will split the cash prize 50/50. You could walk away with $200.00 - $300.00 in your pocket just for working out. Now that's incentive to get in shape!

Time to train your butts off and start working like crazy to win some BIG $$$$$.

Thank you to everyone that came out to participate. You did a great job. Keep training hard and get ready for next Thursday's test.

Level 1 Skill Test Participants: Week 6:

Sarina Woodworth- Completed:
Vertical Jump, High Pull, Knees to Chest, Sit Ups

Peter Schmid- Completed:

Doug Hunt- Completed:

Julie Raccicot-Taylor- Completed:
Medball Cleans, Vertical Jump, Knees to Chest, 1 Mile Run (Missed by only 31 sec., will try again next Thursday. I know you'll get it!!)

Lindsay Wright- Completed:

Shelley Hair- Completed:

Kristi Tuffo- Completed:

Amy McCluskey- Completed:

Sara Kida-Completed:

Tenya Meyers-Completed:
Incomplete-Dropped Out of Competition

Melissa Flexsenhar-Completed:

Shannon Stefanacci-Completed:
Incomplete- Dropped Out of Competition

Good luck and train hard,

Jeremy Barnett

Evolved Athletics
"Xtreme Fitness 4 Xtreme People"

Host of:
CrossFit Thoroughbreds

Jeremy Barnett, ISSA-CFT, Founder

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