Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wed. 5-27-09 WOD

Warm-Up: Complete 2 rounds:
Shoulder Stretches
50 MB toe taps each leg
30 SB Hypers


As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 30 min. of:

10 Deadlifts (Men 185, Women 115)
+ 200m. Row
+ 20 KB swings (men 60-70lb., women 30-40lb.)

Little Known Weight Loss FACT #1

Low Calorie Diets Can Make You Fat: Your metabolism is very adaptive. Any changes you make in your diet, your metabolism will adjust to those changes. For example, if you were to starve yourself by eating only 1,000 calories per day, your metabolism will detect those changes and adjust itself to burn FEWER calories per day. This is why it is impossible to lose weight on a low calorie diet - your body is designed to adjust to the smallest change, it's a built in survival mechanism that PREVENTS your body from burning fat during starvation!
But that's not all...

Your metabolism doesn't make this shift overnight, so when you revert back to your old eating habits (from 1,000 calories per day to 2,000 calories per day), your metabolism is still slowed to a pace that will only burn 1000 calories per day, even though you're eating 1,000 calories more. So you end up eating 1,000 more calories per day than your body is able to burn, and as this goes on for quite sometime it will equal rapid fat gain that's beyond your control!
So, not only do you NOT lose fat on low calorie diets, you end up fatter than you were before you even started!

Little Known Weight Loss FACT #2

Low Fat Diets Do Not Burn Fat: Nearly every type of food available has a 'low fat' version. And nearly everyone eats low fat foods. Yet, they still keep getting fatter and fatter. The country hit the 50% obese or overweight rate several years back. Then everyone was told to cut back on the fat intake, because that's what makes you gain weight.

How do you think that turned out?

I'll tell ya... Now, over 65% of the population is considered Obese or overweight. Not only did people NOT Lose Weight... they got fat as hell in the process. So, low fat diets do the opposite of what they're supposed to do!

Little Known Weight Loss FACT #3

Low Carb Diets Are "Misery In A Box": As much of a craze as these type of diets have been over the past few years, they are complete and utter misery to follow. If you've ever tried, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You're allowed almost zero carbs throughout the entire program.
First, carbohydrates are the foods that give us energy, help our organs work properly, and fuel our brain. It's no wonder cutting them out of your diet makes you feel like crap. Sure, you may be able to lose a bit of weight, but is it really worth the pain you endure for weeks on end?

Here's what you have to look forward to with "low carb diets":

Headaches, extremely low energy levels from sun up to sun down, increased irritability, low productivity, and LAST but not LEAST... possible Kidney Stones!! These type of programs should be required to come with warning labels! If you've ever had a kidney stone, you will attest that it's a High Price to pay for a few pounds that will re-emerge literally overnight.

Simply put, Low Carb Diets are a weight loss solution in disguise, simply water weight shed with severe side effects.

View the chart below for healthy guidelines for Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Ranges:

Protein (Women)
Protein (Men)

Healthy Range

1200 calories
135-195 g
27-47 g
*60-105 g

1500 calories
169-244 g
33-58 g
*60-131 g
*75-131 g

1800 calories
203-293 g
40-70 g
*60-158 g
*75-158 g

2100 calories
236-341 g
47-82 g
*60-184 g
*75-184 g

2400 calories
270-390 g
53-93 g
*60-210 g
*75-210 g

Now you have your Calories, Proteins, Fats and Carb. ranges. Now it’s time for your shopping list. Yes, you need to go shopping and learn to cook your food. You can’t rely on eating out every meal. Eating out will only get you fatter. Too many calories, portion sizes are too large and too many processed foods, high sodium foods will never help you lose fat.

Read the list below. Go shopping and start cooking your way to fat loss. Substitute grocery stores below for Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Publix, Costco, Sam’s Club or a local health food store.

Fruit & Veggies-

Trader Joes has a great selection of frozen berries and

Vegetables. Hit the farmers market and buy what is in season. Avoid bananas and other tropical fruit. Buy local. FoodMax actually has a very good produce section. I think they sell enough volume that they constantly turn the stock over. Many of the supermarkets have anemic looking produce sections…I’d swear I see the same avocado from week to week in one store. Try buying some non-traditional veggies like Napa cabbage and some other goodies. Expand your horizons for crying out loud! That said however you should ALWAYS have the following in the freezer from Trader Joes:

Broccoli, green beans, asparagus, blue berries.

TJ’s has some other frozen veggies that are good but you MUST have these on hand. You can easily throw together a meal with some meat or chicken and a half bag of these veggies. Remember the excuses above of not having enough time? Keep this stuff on hand and you will have no problems. FYI- I make random checks to peoples homes to verify veggie stocks…just kidding, but man I should!

Fresh meat-

Trader Joes is good for grass fed meat. This is your first choice with all varieties of meat. Grass fed is better than organic. Free Range chicken, wild meat if available. Conventional cuts like London broil for beef and pork loin are good options if the organic and or grass fed options are not available. The Chico State farm is an excellent source but they are only open Thursday and Friday so plan ahead. Costco has good prices and good quality. Stock up! People tend to make bad food choices when they run out. Don’t be one of “those” people.

Fish and shellfish-

S & S-is the place locally.

Trader Joes (No, I do not have stock in them) has a good selection of frozen fish and shellfish. They also have a canned Wild Alaskan Salmon. Great stuff for salads. When you buy any type of salmon make sure it is WILD. “Fresh” does not mean wild. They also carry a mild sardine called “Bella Olhao”. I cannot stand other sardines. These are actually pretty darn yummy. Again great for salads, just pour in the olive oil they are packed in.

Raleys- They are another good seafood option. They carry some less popular fish like mackerel that are pretty strong tasting but amazingly nutritious. BBQ mackerel outside or your house will smell like fish for a year.

Eggs- Omega-3 enriched only. Costco has a great deal on these and they are top quality. Trader Joes is even better! Any major supermarket carries these however.

Store Interior:

Coconut milk- If you like curries this is a great carrier. Safeway and Raleys carry a Thai brand “ Chakoh”. No idea on the pronunciation. The two Asian food stores in town carry this one as well. Just a personal favorite but any coconut is good coconut milk.

olive oil- Pacific Sun or one of the other top shelf brands will lighten your pocketbook a bunch but they are amazing. You get what you pay for with olive oils. Trader Joes has a good base model that is ~$7.99/liter. This is a good day-to-day olive oil.

Tomato paste/sauce Trader Joes to the rescue again. They have a canned marinara called “Sugo di Pomodoro”. You can pour this over any meat/veggie dish and LOVE it.

Spices- The more the better. If you do not know how to cook, learn.

Green tea-Any

Coffee- Raleys carries an espresso called “CafĂ© La Llave”. Buy a stovetop espresso maker from Pete’s coffee and prepare to get wired.

All Items listed below can be found at either Trader Joes, the Farmers Market or S&S produce.



nut butters

organic fruit and vegetables

unsweetened coconut flakes

nut flours (almond, pecan, and chestnut)

Based on the shopping list you could probably figure out what you are supposed to eat…here is a hint: it’s not bread, rice, pasta nor potatoes. What IS on the menu? Glad you asked:

Protein - Every Meal:

Chicken – 3-4oz

Beef – 3-4 oz

Fish – 3-4 oz

Eggs – 2-3 whole eggs

Now…I’m assuming you are pretty sharp but oddly enough a few things seem to slip by people…repeatedly. When I say “every meal” I in fact mean EVERY BLESSED MEAL. This is especially critical if you are trying to lose body fat. Another frequently confused point is the topic of “protein”. If you are fighting for survival in a 3rdworld country then yes, beans and rice count as protein. You need chicken, beef, fish, pork lamb, turkey…are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Vegetables - Every Meal:

Vegetables – all varieties…as much as you want, especially:








Newsflash-More vegetables exist than those listed above, you may eat those…unless they appear on the “no-no” list below.

Fat - Every meal:

Nuts: raw or LIGHTLY roasted and preferably unsalted – small handful






Avocado – ½ of medium sized one

Olive Oil – use as salad dressing – 1-2 Tbs.

Newsflash 2- Fat does not make you fat. We recommend a moderate to low carb diet. It is healthy and effective. Ask questions, check blood lipids but for crying out loud, just do this stuff for a month! Do you see ANY processed food in this? Any sugar? Trans fats? No, no and no. It’s whole, natural foods and you will thrive on it.

Fruit – Occasionally, always with protein!

In order of preference:

all berries






Eat what is in season and local.

Coffee – Espresso or Americano’s only – preferably black - no sugar or artificial sweeteners!


All flour products (bread/cake/cookies/scones/tortillas/pastries etc.)

All sugars

No Jamba juice! – too much sugar!

No Dairy (cheese/milk/butter/cottage cheese, etc)

No Mochas, No Latte, No Frappaccino’s

No Artificial Sweeteners

No potatoes, corn beans or other starchy vegetables

Now…similar to the admonition to “eat this at every meal” the “absolutely not” category means….don’t eat it! You have a month of introduction in which we will help you get your insulin levels normalized, clean up your digestive health and likely a whole slew of other considerations, all while losing fat and feeling better.

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