Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 D & D Powerlifting Extravaganza Contest Results

Contest Review:

2009 D & D Push Pull Extravaganza

Evolved Athletics * Fort Myers, Florida


Glory to God!

Hosted by Jeremy Barnett (owner of Evolved Athletics in Fort Myers, Florida) and Masters Champion Danny Aguirre, the 2009 D & D Push/Pull Extravaganza saw outstanding lifting by Teenage Champions Jacob Sundey, Darian Barnett, and Yanni Tshontikidis, and newcomer Sarina Woodworth.  Jacob, representing Lakeland, Florida’s Team Elite, shattered the record books in the 12-13, 132s with lifts of 215, 140, and 300.  Darian nailed a 415 squat, a 260 bench, and a 460 deadlift in the 198s  Darian is in eighth grade and only 15!  Yanni hit a personal best 235 bench (240 on a 4th!) and 435 deadlift to take Best Lifter honors in the push/pull, and Sarina set IRONMAN records across the board with lifts of 185, 130, and 235 in the 25-29, 132s.  


Best Lifters (from left to right) Yanni Tshontikidis, Sarina Woodworth, and Darian Barnett


We were extremely pleased to see Sebring, Florida’s George Walker back on the platform.  George was able to register a 335 bench and deadlift after beating cancer again!  Well done, and God bless!


Several new lifters from Evolved Athletics joined our ranks.  Danny Aguirre’s wife, Carmen, registered a 265 total in the 132s and teammates Lindsay Wright and Kristina Merza rounded out the female competitors.  Nick DePaolo, Andy Potts, and Art Fleck also registered debut totals, and we look forward to seeing all the Evolved Athletics folks back on the platform in August!  Finally, Higher Ground’s George Poole nailed lifts of 255 and 430 to take the 181s.


Thanks to Jeremy Barnett for opening up his gym to the federation; Danny Aguirre for organizing all the entries and judging; Eric Talmant for serving as Head Judge; the Evolved Athletics lifters for spotting and loading; and Mike Roebuck of Good Impressions for creating the contest certificates.


Special thanks to our brave men and women in uniform – let us never forget, or take for granted, their service and sacrifice!  And to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – let us always live in awe of You!


God Bless, Spero

For a complete list of all lifters and numbers please visit:

You can look under IronMan Records, 

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Evolved Athletics will be hosting the 

D & D Powerlifting Extravaganza on August 15-16   


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